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When you’re searching the market for industrial covers, Tarps are now the go-to source.

Our tarps and covers offer safety and protection for your valuable machinery, goods and buildings. We can manufacture custom tarps to fit boxes, cubes or cylinders, or customize flat tarps with grommets and webbing for trucking, pallets or other industrial applications. Quick, friendly service, fast turnaround time, quality materials and professional staff is something that you’ll get from Mayur Wovens every time. Just a few industrial applications include bulk storage covers, bio-gas covers, cable reel covers, machinery covers, oil rig tarps and loading dock covers — but our tarps can handle just about any heavy-duty industrial job you can think of.

Mayur Tarps provide a full line of industrial covers for virtually every industrial application and can make covers in custom sizes in any material and for any application based on your business demands.Our tarpaulins have multiple uses, including as shelter from the elements, i.e., wind, rain, or sunlight, a ground sheet. Our tarpaulins are also often used during the build process to protect brickwork and masonry from weather damage. There are many different kinds of tarp we produce which you can choose from, whether it be different materials, purposes, sizes, colors, and more. Making the right choice and finding the best tarp for you is about knowing what you need it for and what conditions it will be used in.

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The Core Benefits of our Tarps

Outdoor furniture or equipment’s are an expensive investment that should be protected by all means. Some of the common destructive elements you need to watch out for include UV rays, rain, snow and dirt. Investing in tarps and cover will not only protect your furniture from fading but will also increase its lifespan significantly. That means you’ll get to enjoy both short term and long term benefits as well.

Long exposure of your patio, garden and/or deck furniture to UV rays can greatly harm their fabrics and coatings. However, covering the furniture with heavy-duty Our tarps and covers can help keep them looking new for the longest time possible. That means you will maintain the beauty of the furniture while preserving their value as well.

Our tarps and covers not only provide protection against UV rays but also ensure the outdoor furniture is clean and dry. With that, you can comfortably leave your furniture on the lawn or patio all-year-round, even though winter. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about destructive elements like dust, rain and/or snow.

Using waterproof canvas to protect outdoor furniture can be a great idea. However, condensation and/or accumulation of moisture under the tarp can lead to mold formation. To help prevent development of mold, you should consider buying custom fabricated furniture cover. The waterproof covering should be made of solid material at the top to provide a waterproof layer.

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