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Our Commitment to Consistency

At Mayur Wovens we proactively believe in the principles of innovation, consistency and reliability. These principles are the key structure of our business approach which indeed helps us deliver innovative and consistent quality products. Our customers trust is built upon our foundation of consistency. This has eventually rendered us to be a well-known brand for woven products, having a discrete clientele who rely on our products and services.


Today with over 47 years of industrial experience The Mayur Group has obtained more than 1200+ skilled professionals, focused on delivering customized solutions in the woven PP|PE Industry.


Our 5 state of the art manufacturing facilities with latest technology machines produces a wide range of woven based industrial applications,which are used world over in diverse applications


Formed in 1970 when the group was initially engaged in textiles and later was inspired to venture in the new world age of plastics, making it today a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PP/PE Woven Products globally.



Humble Beginnings, Seeds sown by the way of Chemicals & Intermediate Trading.

Entered Manufacturing by way of Textile Processing House

Started Chemical & Intermediate Manufacturing

Diversified into PE Woven Business using Flat Looms due to Environmental concerns related to Textile & Chemicals Manufacturing process

Inaugurated Second manufacturing unit for PE Woven with installed capacity for another 500 TPA using Circular Looms

Initiated Third manufacturing location with a installed capacity of 2000 TPA using Newer Technology for PP Woven

Added 4000 TPA

Sold all the Older PWS machinery and started MAYUR WOVENS with the focus of entering Exports with installed capacity of 6000 TPA

Added a New Manufacturing Facility with 5000 TPA Capacity

Added Another Manufacturing Facility with 6000 TPA Capacity

Started a New Manufacturing Facility with 8000 TPA Capacity in the Neighboring State.

Buoyed by customer support have grown on a year on year basis having reached a name plate capacity of 31000 TPA

Advancing Wovens. That’s what Mayur Wovens is all about.

Foreseeing the future of plastic woven products and its applications we have adapted a unique business model. Rather than commoditize, we choose to specialize ourselves & thus are concentrated on serving customized solutions to the emerging
woven packaging industry globally.

The success in our customer retention is the result of an unwavering focus on a simple guiding principle – treat customers (large or small) with respect and give them the products and services they need to build and enhance their businesses. We offer high quality products, superior service and competitive pricing, ensuring the customer has the products
whenever and wherever they need them. Hence Mayur emphasizes on providing 100% customized and private labeling solutions from its vast product range, successfully developed over a period of time.

We put people at the heart of everything we do, with the goal of benefitting and providing best of our services, leveraging technology to constantly enhance the quality level of our products.

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