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We produce Tailor made Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers that can cover any packaging requirement with optimized handling and transportation.

Our FIBC l Bulk bags or Big bags you name it, they come with many advantages over alternative material handling, shipping and storage container solutions. Our FIBC are designed to reduces overall shipping costs, maximize storage space, eliminate spillage and improve flow control.

Having a very low packaging weight, FIBC are safe to use and available in various different forms. In most cases, we custom make the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers for our customers. In doing so, we take into account the filling and discharging conditions, the hydroscopic properties and the density of the product being packaged. These big bags have a capacity of up to 3 cubic meters and several tons in weight. In addition, you can reuse this bulk bag after a professional reconditioning or have 100% of the materials recycled. FIBC is the most cost-effective packaging material available.

We at Mayur are continuously raising standards of these bulk bags making through extensive R&D, sophisticated equipment and stringent quality measures ensure world class quality. Our uncompromising attitude towards quality and customer satisfaction has made us leaders in the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers segment.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Supplier
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Supplier

Tailor made solutions. Delivered.

Combination of latest technology and rich industry experience

Good recycling and reconditioning possibilities

Integrated Plant & Dedicated assembly line for each bag design.

Inhouse QC department with latest quality testing machines

Safety rest assured

Easy to handle – optimizes clients logistics

Highly Cost Effective packaging solution

Efficient & Durable

Fully comply with strict hygiene standards for applications

No need of secondary packaging

Environmental conscious

Low weight acquiring minimum space – saves on warehousing


Pharmaceutical Drugs

Fertilizers & Minerals

Cement & Salt



Food Products & Grains

Construction materials (sand, gravel)

Pigments & Fillers

Plastics & Refractories

Seeds & Peanuts


Hazardous Waste Material – UN

FIBC Applications

Produced in Single Loop, Two Loops, Four Loops, U-Panel, 4-Panel, Baffle Bags, I-Type and more, subjective to customer needs and requirement

All FIBCs are produced from virgin polymers and are a 100% recyclable

All components of the FIBCs are U/V stabilized to 150 KLY (tested EN standard)

As a standard procedure all FIBCs are made from food grade polymers approved under FBA:CFR Title 21,177,1520 Standards.

Available in coated, uncoated, laminated, unlaminated, ventilated and more. Standard availability in white, but additional colors can be supplied subject to demand and minimum quantity.

Up to 4 colors and up to 4 sides.

Normal and Stitch-proof Sewing. In various colors including blue, black, green and red. All colors defined by Pantone System.

In various sizes and materials including transparent PE, transparent PP and PVC. Also available Zip-Lock type.

Available in various styles, designs and colors.

Normal, Bottle Shaped, Glued or Sewn.

Available in standard bases from 75 x 75 to 115 x 115 cms. And height from 75 cms to 200 cms. Customized measures available on request.

Quality and Testing of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

Our extensive laboratory is equipped with various instruments for on-line quality control, random check, pre dispatch inspection besides having worked with all major labs in the world for third party inspection and certification.
Instruments used for evaluating incoming raw materials, tenacity and elongation as well as coating, COF, Denier, UV Stability Testing, Rig Testing, Burst Testing, and more, are all part of this state of the art quality system we possess.
Speaking of quality and tests, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (big bag / bulk bag) loading and endurance tests are conducted and documented as often as necessary to ensure applicable standards with customer requirements. Due to comprehensive and all-encompassing in-house facilities, new products and features can be quickly tested and approved.

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